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Kit for EVERY year and model of the 928 Porsche®!

SUPERCHARGER KITS for the Porsche®

1978-1986 Porsche® 928 16v with K-Jetronic Fuel System
1980-1984 Porsche® 928 16v with L-Jetronic Fuel System
1984-1986 Porsche® 928 16v with LH-Jetronic Fuel System
1985-1986 Porsche® 928 32v with LH-Jetronic Fuel System
1987-1995 Porsche® 928 32v with LH-Jetronic Fuel System
1983-91 Porsche 944, 944S, 944S2 
1989-1995 Porsche® 968


1980-1989 Ferrari Mondial with KE-Jetronic Fuel System
1980-1989 Ferrari 308 328 with KE-Jetronic Fuel System

Raptor V Centrifugal Superchargers


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