Mods for 944 S2 Install

A number of customers have successfully installed our Porsche® 968 Supercharger kits on their 944S2 models.
Although not a simple bolt-in, as these pictures show, it is do-able.

Because the 944 body is shorter in the nose than the 968, there is less room to be had for the supercharger and tubing.
So, a few things need to be moved around.

In general,
  1. The hood latch area will need to be removed and the hood secured with hood pins, and
  2. the flip-up headlamp mechanism needs to be removed and replaced with one of several aftermarket projector headlight kits available.

In the end, you have a supercharged 944 with all the goodies, and your Air Conditioner stays and works.

Thanks to customer Tom Forgue for his pics and taking the time to document the project. Follow these pictures below to see the process of installing the 968 kit in his 944S2. Print off the "Key to Pictures" to follow along.